cacahuetes sabor chili barbacoa

The expression of Prunita's dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in each of our products. That's why we've given the classic peanuts a spin with new flavors and new presentations, from the classic saladillos to peanuts with new toppings. An explosion of flavor will transport you to a world of spicy and crunchy delights. Now you have them in 350-gram terrines.

Saladillos: The best peanuts with the same taste as always.

Spicy Chili: Discover the perfect balance between the intensity of chili and the creaminess of peanuts.

Authentic BBQ: Immerse yourself in the smoky, authentic essence of barbecue. Each bite offers a unique experience that captures the essence of a perfect barbecue.

Fascinating Asia Mix: Travel across Asia with this blend of amazing flavours. An ideal combination of spices and textures.

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